Instant stabilizing, neutralizing and cleaning of oil spills in marine areas.

Activity and Utilization:

XOiler matrix effectively locks oil and hazardous components into a stable, environmentally-safe residue.


After spreading XOiler powder over the oil spill, the light powder stays afloat on the water’s surface, instantly absorbing the oil and encapsulating it. This immediately stops the oil from spreading further.

Aggregation (clumping)

XOiler particles attract each other, forming stable environmentally-safe solid aggregates (clumps). This significantly reduces the area of the spill and simplifies its collection by adapted equipment*.

Environmental effects:

After encapsulation, the oil no longer sticks to wildlife skin, fur or feathers. It is also not released from the absorbing particles even in high pH environments, such as inside animals’ digestion systems, and so it reduces the risks to marine organisms**.

XOiler also retains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), significantly reducing the level of the toxic odor.

* The collected material can be reutilized by pyrolysis or other energetic processes.

** The efficiency of the encapsulation has been validated by EU ETV (European environmental technologies verification body, see attached certificate).

Contamination of the shoreline

The powder should be spread on the water surface close to the shore (the distance depends on the sea and shore conditions). The wave motion creates constant friction between the powder and the oil on the shoreline cleaning contaminated structures, rocks and vegetation.

Do not spread XOiler on the shoreline, as this will nullify the mechanical contribution of the waves.

Required amount:

Normally as the oil spill lasts but a few hours, powder consumption is 1 ton for 2,500m2.
If the shoreline is contaminated – 1 ton of XOiler will treat approximately 200m of the shoreline.


Spreading can be executed via:

1. Special spreading gun (pneumatic) or special water hose.
2. Spreading via a big bag released from a helicopter.
3. Fire extinguishing water hose (some adaptation is required).