XOiler Agro

Instant remediation of contaminated soil.

Action and Activity:

The powder should be spread over the contaminated soil in a ratio of 1 portion of XOiler per 5 portions of crude oil (by weight).
XOiler should then be mechanically mixed with the soil.
XOiler absorbs and encapsulates the contamination:

  • Protecting the area from deeper penetration of the contamination.
  • Providing productive media for biodegradation in high TPH concentration soil (up to 500,000 TPH).
  • Improving soil fertility and allowing plant growth on contaminated soil!

A soil looser can be used for contaminations 30-80cm deep.
Deeper than that, the soil must be excavated and mixed with a rotary mixer, (i.e., a cement mixer) for 3 minutes per batch.

Example for utilization:

Soil sample contains 5% (50,000 TPH) crude oil.

This is equivalent to 50kg of oil per ton of soil.

The absorption ratio is 1:5 (by weight). Therefore, 10kg of powdered X-OilerAgro is needed for the decontamination of 1 ton.

Assuming 1m3 of soil weighs 1,500 kg, the required amount will be 15kg of powder per 1m3 of soil.

If the required decontamination depth is 33cm then 5kg XOiler Agro is needed per 1m2.

1,000m2 require 5 tons of XOiler Agro. 1 Ha. require 12.5 tons of XOiler Agro.

The spreading can be executed by a fertilizer spreader and the mixing by a soil looser.