• SRU/Gas Treating Units Performance Testing and Evaluation
  • SRU/Gas Treatment Units Performance Improvement (Engineering Studies)
  • Equipment Chemical Cleaning
  • Catalyst loading and unloading services
  • Heat stable salts reclamation Services
  • Steam / Condensate Management
  • Spent Catalyst Management
  • Analyzer Maintenance and Services
  • Fire and Gas Maintenance and Services
  • Laboratory Maintenance and Services
  • AQMS Services

SRU/Gas Treating Units Performance Testing and Evaluation

SRU/Gas Treating Units Performance Testing and Evaluation

Having many years of experience in Gas Treating and Sulphur Recovery, our technical expertise includes providing on-site assistance. This provides the ability to perform accurate process stream analysis for confirming plant performance, determining problem areas, and providing solutions to optimize performance. AIMS partnered with Sulphur Experts to provide performance testing services in the middle east region.

SRU/Gas Treatment Units Performance Improvement (Engineering Studies)

SRU/Gas Treatment Units Performance Improvement (Engineering Studies)

AIMS have extensive experience with all types of process engineering studies. We provide process optimization, energy efficiency, operations data review and trending, plant performance review studies

Equipment Chemical Cleaning

Equipment Chemical Cleaning

AIMS provides equipment Chemical cleaning services for Pipelines, Distillation colums, Process piping, heat exchangers etc. Chemical cleaning of these equipment to achieve Neutralizing Pyrophoric material, scale deposits, fouling and oil& grease removal etc. In Chemical cleaning, Environmentally safe chemicals are used so as the generated effluent can be disposed with no hassles.

Catalyst loading and unloading services

Catalyst loading and unloading services

AIMS render supervision services like catalyst loading and unloading in areas of Gas Processing and Refineries mainly focused in SRU, TGTU and Hydrotreating Units. We also provide supervision for sulfiding of TGT Hydrogenation Reactors and Refinery Hydrotreaters.

By utilizing a specially trained workforce, AIMS can execute catalyst projects efficiently and safely.

  • Supervision of Unloading and loading of catalyst under inert or normal atmospheres
  • Dense Phase Loading systems Supervision
  • Catalyst sampling
  • Pre-Sulfiding Supervision

Heat stable salts reclamation Services

Heat stable salts reclamation Services

AIMS acts as an integrated service provider for amine reclamation services for removal of HSS from amine circuits. The scope of the service includes conducting field visits for tie-in connections/hose lengths for connecting skid, commissioning & operating the skid for achieving the required level of HSS and periodic analysis of amine.

Steam / Condensate Management

Steam / Condensate Management

Steam / Condensate Management is essential to find leaking or faulty traps and offer significant savings for the customer. AIMS have steam survey engineers ready and equipped to test, analyse and find leaking units and are able to provide a detailed report showing:

  • Kgs of steam lost per trap, per annum
  • Cost due to steam loss
  • CO2 emissions
  • Trap lifespan
  • Maintenance costs

AIMS Steam / Condensate Management services provides clients valuable information allowing to take calculated decisions. Final results provide the customer with a clear, unambiguous picture of the condition of every unit on site, showing sufficient information to enable an accurate return on investment (ROI) to be calculated for steam trap replacements required to eliminate the existing steam leakage.

Spent Catalyst Management

Spent Catalyst Management

Spent catalyst is an amber-listed waste and requires meeting appropriate packaging requirements, shipping and notification for the transboundary movement in accordance with the Basel convention (international regulations for transboundary movement of hazardous material).

AIMS partnered with Shell & AMG Recycling BV, a qualified processor to maximize the reclamation of metals from the spent catalyst. AIMS as an organization is committed to minimizing the financial and reputational risk to client from the disposition of the spent refinery catalyst.

AIMS provides complete set of services for the client from collecting the spent catalyst from Client’s yard, shifting it to AIMS yard for proper packaging to meet international regulations, Dewatering, PMI testing, Packaging the spent catalyst in appropriate bags in AIMS yard, EPA clearance, Transport the spent catalyst from AIMS yard to port, Customs clearance, Sea freight to processor location, Customs clearance in processor location, Deliver to processor facility. AIMS takes whole responsibility to provide above complete set of services without compromising on safety requirements.

Analyzer Maintenance and Services

Analyzer Maintenance and Services

Our Analyzer Maintenance and Services are mainly divided into 3 segments:

  • Online Analyzers
  • LAB Analyzers
  • Air Quality Monitoring Systems

AIMS specializes in Analyzer Maintenance & Services with 15 and counting ongoing Analyzer Maintenance contracts across the Middle Easter Region namely UAE, OMAN & QATAR and expected to expand in other regions. We have strengthened our services across Onshore & Offshore sectors of Oil and Gas Refineries, Petrochemical plants and Natural Gas Processing plants.

Our Expertise and Forte:

Installation & Commissioning

With years of experience in the industry, we have executed numerous projects for the Installations and Commissioning of Analyzer Systems across middle east ensuring 100% safety. Our Engineers and Technicians are factory trained and are capable of Commissioning all types of Analyzer systems.

System Integration

We also specialize in Fabricating and Integration of complete Analyzer packages along with shelters, Cabinets, Sample Conditioning Systems with customized solutions which fulfil the project/customer requirements.

Technical Training

Our exceptionally trained Engineers and Technicians are Technically versed and equipped to train your team with diligence.

Operation and Maintenance

We provide analytical products, services and solutions to the oil and gas customers With a number of qualified technical staff for the Operation and Maintenance. we are capable of supplying the industry with Preventative, Corrective & Predictive maintenance and repairs.

Sales and Consulting

Our qualified staff is competent to advise on the required Products & Solutions suitable to the customer specific applications.

Spare parts and repair services

We have multiple LTPA contracts which enables us to supply spare parts and consumables for the preventative/corrective maintenance. In addition, we repair and service the faulty components in our inhouse workshop facility.


Fire and Gas Maintenance and Services

Fire and Gas Maintenance and Services

AIMS provides Fire and Gas services and application to the Oil & Gas sector, power & utilities, manufacturing and building infrastructure. We ensure that our services are in compliance with global standards (NFPA, IEC, ISA/ANSI, OEM) and best practices. We provide services such as Design, Installation and Commissioning of Fire or Gas detection systems, Operation & Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Annual & Periodic Maintenance of Fixed and Portable detection systems.

Our Team of Expertise

Our team of experts provide services to our esteemed customers on following systems,

  • Fire & Gas Detection System
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • CCTV systems
  • Mobile Detectors
  • Building Management System (Oil & Gas)
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • Fire Suppression Systems (Wet, Dry, Deluge)
  • Offshore and Onshore Oil & Gas Plants

Ongoing Projects

We are awarded with long-term LTSA with ADNOC Sour gas for the maintenance of Fire & Gas and CCTV systems

Laboratory Maintenance and Services

Laboratory Maintenance and Services

Laboratory Division:

  • Onsite and Repair Services:

We offer Instruments Annual Maintenance contracts (AMC), Comprehensive annual maintenance contracts (CAMC) to reduce down time of your instrument.

Our service highlights are:

  • Faster Resolution of problems by quickly mobilizing Engineers on site.
  • Online technical support by the Expert Engineers.
  • Troubleshoot & identify the problems quickly.
  • Ensure maximum instrument uptime
  • Extend the durability & lifespan of the instruments
  • Adhere to proactive instrument maintenance schedules protocols.

Laboratory Instruments Operation Training to End users:

Our well qualified engineers will train End users on how to Operate & maintain  your new instrument purchased from us or elsewhere, and in same time to keep instrument in healthy condition to carry out day-today sample testing.

Consultations on Application support and Method development: 

AIMS oils & Gas has its own  Application Laboratory Facility  at Abu Dhabi Office
Which is equipped with highly advanced sophisticated Analytical instruments(Ranges from gas chromatographs, WDXRF, Titrators, PH meters etc) to carry out the sample analysis which comply to  the international Method compliance (e.g ASTM,ISO 17025 (under accreditation) etc) to accommodate application support.
Over a decade of experience on providing analytical instruments field services,
We can adapt to your scientific research, and can make adjustments to your existing instrument.
In term s of Developing new analysis Method or setting up a new application based on your requirements.

Laboratory Turn key Projects & Modifications in existing Laboratory set ups:

  • We provide assistance on the supply, installation, and commissioning of highly sophisticated laboratory instruments, furniture, fume hoods, and gas supply utilities.
  • We also offer upgradation and modifications for existing lab setup.
  • AIMS oil and gas also  offers complete Laboratory Relocation services(includes, Transportation, Instruments Dismantling, reinstallation & qualifications by fulfilling the needs and expectations of customers.

AQMS Services

AQMS Services

Range of Integrated Solutions

  • Complete stationary and mobile monitoring stations
  • Operation, Maintenance and Service contracts
  • Data logging and processing systems
  • Data acquisition, validation and reporting software

Installation methods to suit various environment

  • Fixed and Portable AQMS housing
  • Shelters, cabinet and wall mounted systems
  • Instrument racks and sampling systems


  • Air pollutant analyzers
  • Dust monitors
  • Meteorological instrument
  • VOC’s and other gases
  • Calibration equipment

Flexible work scope as per client’s requirement

  • Turnkey projects
  • Stand-alone system
  • Upgrade or enhancement of existing system
  • QA/QC services in environmental monitoring and auditing
  • Onsite services for preventive and corrective maintenance, calibration, data processing and reporting.
  • Annual comprehensive and call based maintenance.


  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring
  • Noise, vibration and odor monitoring and reporting