Sample handling system (SHS) will play important roll for all the Analyzer.

To achieve correct and accurate measurements of the process right selection of component in the sample handling system is very important.

Maintaining the required pressure reduction, flow control, temperature within the SHS, sample vaporize and other critical parameter which is required for each and individual model Analyzers

Sample handling is designed to application to application and particular model of Analyzer.

Sample Handling System is the HEART of the Analyzer like our nervous system in our body, HEART will not function if the any of nervous system is not working properly.

The sample system are designed based on the application requirement and as per the requirement of the Analyzer model.

The maintenance of the sample handling system is very very important to achieve  the reliable reading of the process parameters with the selected model of Analyzer

Why SHS:

  • To Meet Analyzer Specification
  • To extract True Representative Sample
  • To maintain Sample Integrity
  • Achieve Analyzer Response Time as per Process Requirement
  • Safeguard the Analyzer from Damages & Incidents (Design Specs, MOC)
  • Support Analyzer performing intended function



By right engineering practices for designing adequate sample handling system and selecting appropriate components.

  • Choosing right sample exposure technique (Extractive, Insitu., probe etc.)
  • Designing correct & efficient sample transport system (line, tubing)
  • Implementing required Pressure & Temperature management system (based on correct dew point / bubble point calculations)
  • Designing efficient fast loop flow system
  • Choosing right sample introduction/injection technique to analyzer
  • By providing adequate safeguards (System / Personnel Safety) (PRV, Fixed Restrictors, MCB, EBCB etc.)
  • Assuring Safe Maintenance Access